Welcome to Millennia Sound Lab

Welcome to Millennia Sound Lab - MSL - the official home of the music by Danny Mattissen (aka Deep Throat) and Micky Kelager (aka Xenomorph).

On this site you'll find the combined works of these two talented old school sceners, which consists of tracked music (called modules), created on the Commodore Amiga in the early 1990s, and later, on the PC as well.

To listen to these modules, you'll need a compatible player like XMPlay, or the original FastTracker 2. You can also use WinAMP, but it is not recommended, as the playback is by no means guaranteed to be 100% perfect.


If you're a first time visitor, and you'd like a good start, we recommend you preview the following of Danny's classics:

These will give you a pretty good indication of his style.

For Micky's quite different style, preview these great electronic classics:

If these modules strike your fancy, please check out more tracks by each artist by following the links via the top menu.

Have fun, and keep the scene alive!

AMP Interview

Danny did an interview for the guys over at Amiga Music Preservation back in 2005. Check it out!